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SA'F Streaming and Recording Policy

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SAF Streaming and Recording Guide

SAF allows the freedom of streaming and recording with the following rules put in place. When you are streaming or recording, you are not only advertising our server, but also are representing the community with your behavior and professionalism. It is important to promote our standards to the max of your ability, and to not let fame or your followers/subscribers distract you from following our SAF rules, along with the rules implemented down below. Please keep in mind that SAF will NOT change to benefit your streaming or recording, and is not here for you to gain fame.

  1. You must wait after 4 active weeks of patrolling before you can create content.
  2. Streaming or recording your interview or any training is strictly prohibited.
  3. Streaming prior to or before an active patrol is strictly prohibited. Recording is okay as long as its noted that these clips are prior to patrol, or after it in the video.
  4. You must follow all SAF rules while streaming or recording.
  5. Respect and represent our community by not:
  6. - Trash talking anyone within the community.
  7. - Trash talking another department.
  8. - Trash talking our community.
  9. - Getting upset because something doesn't go your way.
  10. Requesting donations on behalf of SAF is not allowed unless you're actually going to donate the money to the community. 
  11. Streaming or recording our IP or other sensitive information (Discord, TeamSpeak, etc is strictly prohibited. Make sure you black out logging into the server if you disconnect during a stream.
  12. Secondary communications while streaming or recording is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions for this rule are for motor and K9 units, and the conversations must stay in character/professional. Civilians may only record secondary comms if they are in character conversations as Bluetooth phone calls.

Disclaimer: Community Managers or your department Chain of Command can take away your privileges if your streaming or recording etiquette is not following our basic rules. 

SA'F Streaming and Recording Guide can also be found here - Link

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