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  1. until
    Blaine County Sheriff's Department, applications will open starting tomorrow 10/15/2021 from 11:00am CST - 11:00 PM CST.
  2. FAQs Here is a few FAQs questions in regards to the San Andreas' Finest Role-Play Community 1. Does the dispatch department require a copy of Grand Theft Auto V? - No, you do not need a copy of Grand Theft Auto V to apply for Dispatch Department. 2. Can you have a secondary department? - Yes, if you meet the minimum requirements for your primary department, then you are eligible to apply for a secondary department. 3. How do you join the State Department? - In order to join the State Department, you must have prior LEO experience within the SA'F community, as well as be in good behavioral and attendance standing. You cannot apply for the department as an external member. 4. How do I know if departments are open? - You can check what departments are open by clicking the "Apply" button at the top of the page to visit our application website, where openings are posted. You can also check our social media accounts to see what departments are currently hiring/when they will be hiring. 5. What if my app is denied? - Do not worry, you will be able to reapply after a 30 day time period. We recommend you work on improving what is needed from your previous application so that you may have a better opportunity to get in. 6. Is there an attendance requirement? - Yes, all departments within the community have a attendance requirement: 2 patrols each week for minimum of 1 hour each patrol. This requirement is subject to change per department. 7. Is patrol 24/7 in SA'F? - No, we have a set patrol time in the community, which is 6:00 PM EST, or 5:00 PM CST. 8. Who is the owner of SA'F? - SA'F has no owners, it is ran by a group of community managers. 9. What form of communication system do we use? - In SA'F we use both Discord and TeamSpeak platforms. For normal conversation and communication, we utilize discord, and for patrols we utilize TeamSpeak for our patrols. 10. What is SA'F media policy? - SA'F allows you to record and stream patrols without any requirements of rank, in accordance with the rules of our streaming policy. Do keep in mind, we are not here to support your content creation or streaming careers. You can find our SA'F Streaming and Recording policy here, Link.
  3. SA’F Streaming and Recording Guide SA’F allows the freedom of streaming and recording with the following rules put in place. When you are streaming or recording, you are not only advertising our server, but also are representing the community with your behavior and professionalism. It is important to promote our standards to the max of your ability, and to not let fame or your followers/subscribers distract you from following our SA’F rules, along with the rules implemented down below. Please keep in mind that SA’F will NOT change to benefit your streaming or recording, and is not here for you to gain fame. You must wait after 4 active weeks of patrolling before you can create content. Streaming or recording your interview or any training is strictly prohibited. Streaming prior to or before an active patrol is strictly prohibited. Recording is okay as long as it’s noted that these clips are prior to patrol, or after it in the video. You must follow all SA’F rules while streaming or recording. Respect and represent our community by not: - Trash talking anyone within the community. - Trash talking another department. - Trash talking our community. - Getting upset because something doesn’t go your way. Requesting donations “on behalf of SA’F” is not allowed unless you’re actually going to donate the money to the community. Streaming or recording our IP or other sensitive information (Discord, TeamSpeak, etc) is strictly prohibited. Make sure you black out logging into the server if you disconnect during a stream. Secondary communications while streaming or recording is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions for this rule are for motor and K9 units, and the conversations must stay in character/professional. Civilians may only record secondary comms if they are in character conversations as bluetooth phone calls. Disclaimer: Community Managers or your department Chain of Command can take away your privileges if your streaming or recording etiquette is not following our basic rules. SA'F Streaming and Recording Guide can also be found here - Link
  4. San Andreas’ Finest Rules Community Rules: At any time, included but not limited to: Discord, Teamspeak or in-game, you may be recorded for quality control during investigations, along with full recording of patrols for Twitch and/or YT videos. You should always be respectful to other players and SA’F members. Keep in mind that whatever you do in game, you should not infringe on others’ capacity to enjoy the game. Do not use racist, sexist or homophobic remarks or jokes, or hold out-of-character grudges because of in-character problems. Grievance Policy: Members shall not publicly criticize any other member or any order, action, or policy of the department. Doing so will give the department and community a false representation. Any grievances towards the department should be communicated through complaint forms, and grievances in regards to the community should be submitted through the chain of command. Members that are caught discussing grievances that have not been submitted to command are subject to disciplinary action. Part of being professional and orderly is the ability to use the resources available to submit opinions of the department and community. Publicly shaming the department or community will not be tolerated. No member will change their own or another person’s tags or nickname if they are not conducting official business. If you are watching a live stream, you can not be on patrol. Once you are fully out of the stream, you may join patrol. Do not ask us if you can test, borrow or use our scripts/mods for another server. After-hours "patrols" are strictly forbidden. At no point should members be organizing simulated patrols and/or 'Code Zero Gaming' sessions before or after patrol. We have an official patrol for a reason at 6 PM sharp everyday. The only exception to this rule is that of civilians working with other civilians to set up a scene designed to be used in an official patrol of SA'F. Members should not be utilizing other departments' uniforms and vehicles in an attempt to act like they are a part of that department either before or after hours, or during training for new cadets and candidates. If you wish to take screenshots in another department’s vehicles or EUP, you may ask a member of their CoC for permission. This rule is because departments can be represented negatively, or incorrectly, as members are not officially trained in that specific department. Dual Clanning Policy: SA'F permits members to be a member of another FiveM Community, provided the SA'F member does not hold any of the following: a supervisory rank (division supervisors, sergeant+, or corporal+ depending on the server), staff rank (interviewer, helper, moderator, administrator), or ownership rank (owning or managing of a community). You may develop for another community provided you do not actively run or control the management of said community. You must advise your CoC of any communities you wish to join so they can be cross referenced with the community blacklist. You must still make all attendance requirements within SA’F. Other than a primary department, you may also join a secondary department or eventually transfer your primary. The requirements are subject to change per department, but you must maintain your attendance quota for your primary department. All members are allowed to record freely, but it must be in accordance with the SA’F Streaming/Recording Policy. Training are private and should not be broadcasted to the public or recorded. We are not here to support your Youtube / Twitch "career". You may record/stream in SA'F provided you follow the SA'F Streaming and Recording Policy. You are not permitted to force RP onto other community members or try to gain special permission to do something for your channel. Do not leave the discord server while serving a suspension or to avoid a ban. This will result in a minimum 6 month ban. While you are banned from FiveM, Teamspeak, or Discord servers, you are not allowed to use an alternate account or change your IP to circumvent a ban. Doing this will only extend the original ban period. Plagiarism and leaking are not permitted of any sort. This includes but is not limited to copying or reproducing of SA'F or Department documents, scripts, vehicles, EUP, and any other material with direct links to SA'F. Server Rules: Do not troll, cop bait, or deathmatch on the server. Random Death Matching: Killing another player for no roleplay reason is strictly forbidden. Likewise, deliberately attempting to produce a fight (punching a player, insulting, etc) for no reason is also not allowed. Combat Logging: You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, inform the people you are playing with as well a CoC member of your department that you have to leave before doing so. Rage Quitting: Leaving an active scene in anger is not acceptable, and can result in removal from the community. If you need to cool down, wait until the scene is over and remove yourself to a quiet location. Fail/Unrealistic Roleplay: SA’F is a serious, realistic roleplay server. If you are in a situation and rules are broken, roleplay first and report later. Do not break out of character and use voice chat to explain the rules to a player. Revenge Killing: You are not allowed to find and/or revenge kill anyone involved with your character’s death. When you are killed, your character loses all memory leading up to and including their death unless they were rescued by paramedics. You must do your best to avoid the player(s) who killed you, and not provoke, kill, or engage them in any role play situation. Do not utilize your gang affiliation, or have one of your associates track down your killer. Powergaming: You should not force actions against another player (ex: kidnapping and tying someone’s hands without giving them a chance to fight back or stealing a vehicle without roleplaying it). Other forms of powergaming include acting in ways that are physically impossible for your character (ex: failing to indicate that you are drawing a large weapon). Metagaming: Any strategy, action or method used which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game or beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game is not allowed. Utilizing any information gained from outside of patrol in-patrol is not allowed and is deemed as meta-gaming. Trainers or modifications that would give an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. Do not use any types of cheats, modifications, plugins, or scripts, with the exception of graphic improvement mods. Menyoos prop spawning ability is strictly prohibited. Do not put any upgrades on your vehicle that will give you an advantage over another (power boosts, torque, turbo, etc). You may do aesthetic upgrades only. This rule is exempt for the Civilian Department, in accordance with their SOP. Use of player blips, overhead names, spectating, god mode, vehicle god mode, and any other functions that may give you an unfair advantage are prohibited. Use realistic behavior and common sense. No out-of-character talking in radio channels and in-game during patrol times. Do not shoot, punch, or use a vehicle to hurt/kill a player or AI with no roleplay reason. You must always have your “Population Density” set to 0. The use of explosives is per department rules. The use of exploding ammo, unlimited ammo and no reload is strictly prohibited. There will be no random killings one hour before patrol starts. Breaking this rule will cause the offender to be removed from the server, unless it is deemed accidental. If a member will be afk for more than 15 minutes on the server, they must leave the server and radio channel. After 11 PM EST (depending on how many people are still participating in active patrol), devs reserve the right to use their judgement and reset the server for development to commence. If you are in the middle of the scene, you are free to rejoin and continue, but fully understand that the server may restart multiple times for work to be done. Furthermore, no department or individual can declare patrol over for the night. If you become aware of groups still roleplaying in locations on the map, please avoid that area unless you are engaging in their roleplay. For whatever reason that you need to be in that area, please use invisibility and F2. It is suggested you take any vehicle caching to the military base where RP is prohibited and you will not interfere with any active roleplay. Department Rules: Respect and follow your Chain of Command (CoC). Attendance Requirements: Primary departments require 2 patrols a week for an hour minimum each. Secondary departments require 1 patrol a week for an hour minimum. The standard leave of absence (LOA) is two weeks, but is up to departmental discretion. At any time you join a patrol (play, listen, or work on characters/cars), you forfeit your LOA and return yourself to full active membership in SA’F. Each department can enforce stricter rules regarding LOAs. Every department has their own protocols and rules that they have a right to enforce, which may be stricter than the ones outlined in this document. If you are a part of two departments, you are expected to follow all protocols for both. Rule Discretion: SA’F Staff instructions or decisions are final and non-negotiable. If you deem a specific decision to be wrong, the dispute should be handled privately. There is a level of reasonable expectation and understanding that some rules may not be listed but can be enforced by the Community Managers. Community Managers reserve the right to alter these rules, their caveats, punishment times, or other related factors at any time. Some rules may be enforced at discretion and on a case by case basis. Community Rules can also be found here - Link
  5. This is San Andreas' Finest! San Andreas' Finest was founded in 2017 and has ran strongly since! Here at SA'F we strive to achieve realistic roleplay with a strong family-like bond which has over time made this community what it is today. Over the past 4 years, our members here have put countless hours into developing the community to be the best it possibly can be. Everyone here has an opportunity to make a difference. Are you looking to join us? If you are looking to join us, please take a moment to review the departments we have available for you to choose from! Please note, some departments may not be accepting applications while others may be. We look forward to seeing you in our community and having you as part of our family! Due to the high number of applications we receive, they are very competitive and will be read through thoroughly. Prior to applying, we ask that you read through our rules and regulations as well as the requirements before applying. Our age limit SA'F has a strict age limit of 16+ with no exceptions. If you are not at least 16, you will not be accepted and your application will be denied. San Andreas' Finest ® 2021
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