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  • SA'F

    Mission Statement

    The Civilian Department is the heart of the SA'F family, focused on respect, creativity and a sense of belonging. We are the center of all first-responder role-play within the community, where members are able to create unique characters and build original storylines surrounding them. Civilians have a wide variety of abilities: from criminal roleplay, to accident scenes, to opening a variety of businesses such as the 24/7, to taking on jobs such as DOT! If you wish for a place which will embrace your unleashed and extensive creativity, then the Civilian Department is the place for you.

    Civilian Department Command Staff

    Civilian Director - Vacant

    Deputy Civilian Director - [DCD-02] O. Lew

    Assistant Civilian Director - [ACD-03] J. Dalessandro

    Civilian Managers - [CM-04] V. Mason [CM-05] D. Viscount

    Civilian Supervisors - [CS-08] C. Morgan [CS-09] O. West [CS-97] J. Dimes

    Civilian Advisors - [CA-10] K. Davis [CA-87] G. Young [CA-13] J. Kane

    Our Organizations!

    Our department has many illegal/legal organizations you may join and partake in!! Below you will see a few examples!

    Department of Transportation


    Gruppe 6


    Accardi Crime Family


    Cartel De San Andreas

  • SA'F

    Chain of Command

    Civilian Director

    As the head of the department, the Civilian Director oversees all department operations. Only the most important and extreme issues will be reported to and handled by them.

    Deputy Civilian Director

    Second in command of the department, the Deputy Civilian Director will work side by side with the Civilian Director to recruit new civilians. They are also in charge of the department interview team.

    Assistant Civilian Director

    Third in command, a Assistant Civilian Director is the head administrator of the department. They oversee all departments forms and deal with extreme issues reported to them by a Civilian Manager.

    Civilian Manager

    A Civilian Manager, sometimes abbreviated as CM, oversees the rest of Civilian CoC and make sure all jobs are getting done in a timely manner. For any and all major issues they will report to the Assistant Civilian Director so it can be handled accordingly.

    Civilian Supervisor

    A Civilian Supervisor, also known as a CS, are in charge of keeping track of certain department forms. They also are in charge of operating the CoC owned businesses.

    Civilian Advisor

    The start of Chain of Command, a Civilian Advisor, or CA, will respond to DMs from civilians. They will also DM civilians the information they need to continue to roleplay from civilian department forms.

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